Are some in the US Congress now awake? RT 10-17-16… “Terrorists & their paymasters hold Aleppo civilians as human hostages – VA senator”

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rt_cube_logo_150_29I found this one to be rather “unveiling” about at least one US Senator (Richard Black, Virginia) that appears to be aware of who exactly is funding the terror operations in Syria.

“RT: John Kerry has come out and put the blame squarely on just Russia. Do you think it’s a fair comment? Richard Black: No, I don’t… They have forbidden the civilians from leaving, using the civilians as a human shield, because they know that it forces Syria and Russia to be much more cautious with the bombing. You know, the hyperbolic language used by Secretary Kerry is really outrageous, because the United Nations Office of Human Affairs announced that in the two weeks between September 23 and October 8, there have been about 406 civilians killed.

“The combatants who are holding out in east Aleppo are financed and controlled by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and the United States

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